In today’s day and age, maintaining our personal privacy can be difficult; regardless your need for discretion is not lost on me. To honor your privacy and my need for safety when meeting a new friend, albeit still a stranger, I do require light screening that is customized for your comfort and discretion. 

Please leave your

-full name

-phone number

-a little about yourself.


-time and date preference

-how long we'll be spending time together

Please be include verification information. May include 1 of these options: Employment information, 2+ references from verified providers, or photo of  ID


I am looking forward to hearing from you and the beginning of our new friendship!


Please be aware that I require a 10% deposit before bookings are confirmed outside of the Coachella Valley. Deposits help prevent wasted time and let me know that it is in fact a legitimate booking and in good faith to prevent no-shows etc.


Madison Shaye | Palm Springs Independent Escort